Simran’s story of the Youth Exchange ‘Intercultural Dialogue Through Art’!

Simran took part as a German participant in the Youth Exchange ‘Intercultural Dialogue Through Art’ organized by Associazione Joint in Ligonchio, Italy in April and May 2023

The project ‘Intercultural Dialogue through Art’, being my first-ever youth exchange, will always hold a special place in my heart. Living amongst 32 participants from different parts of Europe while being surrounded by green, lush hills in the village of Ligonchio, Italy, was truly eye-opening. Before this project, I was frequently placed in intercultural settings after relocating to a new country, but I never fully considered the intricacies of this concept. However, taking part in this project exposed me to several aspects of intercultural exchange, including visible and invisible elements of culture, cultural stereotypes, conflicts, and so on.

We all reflected kindness and supported each other in every way possible

There were participants from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, and Greece, all living under one roof and gradually bonding with each other. There was a definite hesitation on the first day, but the activities and our conversations helped us get along. In spite of speaking different languages, we all reflected kindness and supported each other in every way possible.

The icing on the cake was studying various artistic mediums like screen printing, theater, and photography and applying them to reflect cross-cultural communication. I felt myself growing with each passing day. I feel more prepared for intercultural scenarios in everyday life because of my involvement in this initiative.

I believe that projects like these are excellent efforts under Erasmus+ because intercultural harmony and inclusivity may be used to address many pressing global concerns. Youth like us participating in such initiatives would undoubtedly pave the path for a better future.

“I felt myself growing with each passing day.”

Simran - Participant