The project in a few words

‘The Other In (Me)dia’ was a youth exchange organized by Rakonto in February 2024 at Laroin, France,  which sought to promote critical thinking around the narratives and audiovisual representations of the Other (the migrant, the foreigner, the racialized, the “stranger”) in the media.

Participants dove into a journey of exploration in which, through the use of non-formal learning methodologies and audiovisual techniques, they broke down the concept of the ‘Other’, while increasing their capacities for critical thinking, empathy, and empowerment.

Objectives of the project

During the training course, the project achieved the following goals:

        • Developed critical thinking and gain analytical skills around the representation of the Other in the media,
        • Created a safe space where participants could share experiences and thoughts in freedom,
        • Gained some basic knowledge of audiovisual language and racial representation,
        • Shared good practices and counterexamples in terms of creation and representation,
        • Sought collective empowerment through artistic creation: photography, filmmaking, and other visual and textual arts,
        • Promoted teamwork, exchange, and debate in multicultural groups,
        • Promoted European values and the Erasmus+ program.

Youth Exchange,

France, February 2024

Multimedia Gallery

Hosting Organisation


RAKONTO is an association created in 2021 in Pau (France) with the aim to promote the world’s cultural diversity, ecological transition, and social activism. We create media content such as photos, videos, and articles to raise awareness among youth on global and local environmental, social and cultural issues.

Our main goal is to tell the stories of those who are fighting for a better future in order to inspire and raise awareness.