Our Mission

Dreaming OPEnly is an informal group of youth workers from different countries founded in September 2020 in Leipzig, Germany, with the objective of writing and developing non-formal education projects in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

We believe in the idea of social and political empowerment through arts and culture, and we are advocates of the role of individuals in bringing about social changes that can lead to fairer and more sustainable societies.

We want to empower young people and raise their awareness about social and environmental topics through participation in a youth culture that they are passionate about.

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Training Course about non-formal education and antiracism, Italy, 04- 12 March. CLOSED CALL

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“Our cultures teach us that in turning to each other, we become disruptive to old realities and hospitable to new ones.”

Bayo Akomolafe, Marta Benavides
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