The project in a few words

‘The Looking Glass III’ is a youth exchange organized by Drustvo Lojtra at Brežice Youth Center in Slovenia in July 2024. Participants aged from 18 to 30 years old will come from 6 different countries from within the European Union. We’re particularly inviting young people with an interest in art or music who like to share knowledge with others. Teams will be made up of 4 or 5 young people with one team leader.

We will be learning how to lead workshops, especially on creative themes. The aim is to develop skills which contribute to social sustainability through making knowledge-sharing possible on the peer-to-peer level – after all, we all have useful knowledge and skills, it’s just not always easy to share with others. In the exchange, you will learn some tips and tricks for facilitating and get the chance to lead a workshop in your national team for practice.

If you like making art or music, you want to share your knowledge with others and are eager to learn from them, too, then this exchange is for you!

Art and Nature

In this exchange, we will use a combination of informational workshops from our team, example workshops from artistic professionals and first-hand learning experiences to reach our learning goals – as a participant you’ll get to try out leading a workshop in a safe space with learning support from our team and structured feedback from your peers.

The learning objectives are what guide the content and direction of the exchange. As a participant, you will be expected to make a genuine effort to engage with the content and work towards these goals. We suggest reading the list out loud, starting with the phrase, “I want to learn…”

  • how to structure a workshop
  • some techniques for public speaking and facilitating
  • some new artistic methods
  • about my peers in the group and where they come from

Who can apply?

Youngsters (18-30 years old) that…

  • … interested in making music or art and eager to actively participate. (If you are already experienced, skilled musicians or artists, that’s great, but prior experience is not required.)
  • … Speak some basic English. (It will help you to follow the program. If needed you can be supported by another participant of your national team.)
  • … Are residing in Germany.
  • … We encourage the participation of participants with fewer opportunities. (Participants with fewer opportunities will be prioritized.)

Youth Exchange

Litija, Slovenia

01.07 .-10.07.2024

Deadline for applying: 05.05.2024
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Hosting Organisation

Društvo Lojtra (Slovenia)
Društvo Lojtra (Slovenia)

The Lojtra Association, founded in 2014, is a young and dedicated organization for young people. They divide their work into two pillars: #YouthWork and #SustainableDevelopment. These topics are at the heart of various activities carried out locally and internationally.  In the field of youth work, their main goal is to support and encourage young people to become active members of their own local communities, to identify and actively address their needs and interests, and to take full responsibility for their own actions. In the field of sustainable development, their main goal is to co-create a community that lives more in harmony with nature and is aware of its limitations. In addition, they want to expand the potential of the natural environment in supporting the learning processes of young and old.