The project in a few words

“Pathways to Equality: Young Minds for Women’s Rights” is a youth exchange focused on women’s rights and gender equality.

Main Objectives

  • Raise Awareness: We aim to increase awareness among young people about women’s rights, gender inequality, and the problems and needs faced by women in different societies. Through educational activities, discussions, and experiential learning, participants will develop a deeper understanding of these issues and their significance.
  • Empower Young People: Our project seeks to empower young people to become active agents of change in promoting women’s rights and gender equality. Through capacity-building workshops, skill development activities, and the sharing of best practices, participants will acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to address these issues effectively.
  • Foster Intercultural Learning and Exchange: The project aims to foster intercultural dialogue, understanding, and cooperation among young people from different countries. Through the exchange of experiences, perspectives, and solutions, participants will develop cross-cultural competencies, empathy, and a broader global outlook.
  • Promote Youth Participation: We aim to encourage active youth participation in decision-making processes related to women’s rights and gender equality. Participants will be encouraged to engage in advocacy, awareness-raising initiatives, and community-based projects that address the identified problems and needs.
  • Strengthen Youth Networks and Partnerships: The project seeks to establish and strengthen networks, partnerships, and collaborations among youth organizations working in the field of women’s rights. This will foster mutual support, knowledge sharing, and collective action towards achieving gender equality.
  • Evaluate and Disseminate Good Practices: We aim to evaluate the project’s activities and outcomes to identify effective practices and lessons learned.

Who can apply?

Youngsters who…

  • are dedicated to working with young people in their local reality;
  • have the basic knowledge of facilitation of non-formal learning
  • have a desire to apply their competencies in developing new non-
    formal education tools;
  • motivated, open-minded, willing to cooperate and share from
  • are open to reflecting on their experiences related to the topic;
    desire to explore new ideas and promote youth participation among
    their peers;
  • have motivation and capacity to disseminate the project result;
  • have the ability to communicate in English;

Applications from participants with fewer opportunities  (social/economic/Geographical obstacles, cultural differences, educational difficulties, refugees, migrants) will be favoured.
Age limit: All participants should be between 18 – 30 years old and group leaders with no age limit.
Number of participants: 5 participants + 1 group leader per each country

Youth Exchange


24.04.- 03.05.2024

Deadline for applying: 13.03.2024
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