The project in a few words

Otra Escuela is an association born more than 6 years ago in Madrid, Spain,,out of a Colombian organisation which is over 20 years old. They dedicate their
work to educate in and promote cultures of peace and nonviolence in diverse territories and with different target groups, largely through socio-
affective, artistic and playful methodologies. They do this in the form of training and facilitation of participatory group processes, intervention projects
with vulnerabilised territories and groups, accompaniment of community organisations and social movements, research and investigation, namely in
fields of positive transformation of conflict, socio-affective methods of art and play, peace and nonviolence, anti-racism and decolonialism, feminisms and
LGBTQI+ rights, alternative pedagogies of pleasure and relational care.

Main Objectives

  • Explore the concept and practice of relational care, the connection between self-care, care of the other, collective care, and care of the land;
  • Reflect on existing dynamics and expressions of power in society, and life-affirming powers as a response to oppressive systems;
  • Develop emotional competence for personal and social transformation;
  • Share and co-create strategies for joyful participation and social justice through art and play.

Who can apply?

  • Mixed gender group of 3 participants per partner, embracing diversity of all kinds, 20+ years old (no maximum age);
  • Youth workers, social workers, educators, activists, non-formal education trainers, volunteers, local community organisers, or anyone aspiring to make change in their communities.

Youth Exchange

Madrid, Spain

30.04.- 06.05.2024

Deadline for applying: 09.02.2024
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