The project in a few words

At our core, humans are inherently artistic and creative beings, gifted with the capacity to translate our thoughts, emotions, and experiences into expressive forms. Our journey as artistic creatures intertwines with nature, a boundless source of inspiration that has shaped cultures, fed imaginations, and provided the raw materials for countless artistic expressions. From the earliest cave paintings to contemporary eco-art, our connection with nature has been a wellspring of creativity, reflecting our profound interdependence with the planet.

‘Painting with Nature’ is a project that focuses on the relationship between the human being, our artistic spirit, and nature. By exploring different creative techniques based on using natural elements for creating materials, and immersing ourselves in a path of reconnection with nature and its transformative power, participants will acquire artistic and transversal skills, while strengthening their sustainable awareness.

In short, the aim of ‘Painting with Nature’ is to boost the creative and artistic aptitudes of its participants by unveiling the vast potentialities of nature and to support the development of individuals who, through their creative exploration, become more attuned to their role in safeguarding and preserving the delicate balance of our environment.

Main Objectives

  •  To raise awareness about the topic of environmental sustainability among young people
  • To enhance knowledge about different artistic expressions
  • To provide tools for self-expression
  • To empower young people and to develop cooperation and teamwork skills
  • To encourage intercultural dialogue
  • To promote self-awareness and soft-skills learning

Who can apply?

Youngsters who…

  • … are motivated to explore the potential of nature for arts
  • … are willing to take part in an international experience
  • … are fluent in English as a working language (being able to understand and communicate in English for the entire project)
  • … can commit to attending to the project for its full duration
  • … are proactive and willing to learn more about the topic
  • … are residing in Germany
  • … We encourage the participation of participants with fewer opportunities. (Participants with fewer opportunities will be prioritised.)

Youth Exchange

Passignano sul Trasimeno, Italy

17. – 28.03.2024

Deadline for applying: 09.02.2024
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