The project in a few words

This Youth Exchange aims to promote critical thinking around the narratives and audiovisual representations of the Other (the migrant, the foreigner, the racialized, the “stranger”) in the media.

  1. EXPLORING OUR PAST: Certain narratives and stereotypes were developed during colonial times. To fight them first we have to know where they come from!
  2. ANALYZING OUR PRESENT: How are the “Others” represented nowadays? We will find out through debates, film screenings, personal experiences, and other activities.
  3. RESHAPING OUR FUTURE: We will explore our identities and rewrite our own stories through photography, videomaking, and artistic practices.

Main Objectives

  • Develop critical thinking and gain analytical skills around the representation of the Other in the media;
  • Create a safe space where participants can share experiences and thoughts in freedom;
  • Gain some basic knowledge of audiovisual language and racial representation;
  • Share good practices and counterexamples in terms of creation and representation;
  • Seek collective empowerment through artistic creation: photography, filmmaking, and other visual and textual arts;
  • Promote teamwork, exchange, and debate in multicultural groups;
  • Promote European values and the Erasmus+ program.

Who can apply?

Youngsters who…

  • … are motivated to explore the representation of the Other in the media
  • … preferably have one of the following backgrounds:
    • Experiences of migration or interest in this topic
    • Willing to fight stereotypes and discrimination
    • Passionate about visual arts
  • … are willing to take part in an international experience
  • … are fluent in English as a working language (being able to understand and communicate in English for the entire project)
  • … can commit to attending to the project for its full duration
  • … are proactive and willing to learn more about the topic
  • … are residing in Germany
  • … We encourage the participation of participants with fewer opportunities. (Participants with fewer opportunities will be prioritised.)

Youth Exchange

Pau, France

12. -21.2.2024

Deadline for applying: 07.01.2023
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