The project in a few words

Treeconnect is a two-mobilities Youth Exchange organised by Madrid Outdoor Education from Spain, and Dreaming OPEnly from Germany.
The project aims to establish a long-term learning process that will transform ourselves, our organisations and our communities. It is intended to be a clear example of how young people can transform their reality and the importance of fostering optimism to dream of a better future. In addition, this project aims to become an example of how to make that future a reality by sharing and shaping the tools to transform our lives and our communities.
It is important to mention that this is a Youth Exchange project, and is NOT going to be developed as a therapy project, but rather as an experience to talk about and generate awareness on mental health and related topics among peers and with the use of Art and Outdoor education.

Different Steps of the Project

As explained, Treeconnect is a long-term process that aims to have a tangible and consistent impact on the people, communities, and organisations involved. To best achieve this goal we designed a specific educational path composed of different steps. To guarantee that Treeconnect reach its full potential, it’s extremely important to be able to participate in all of them!

Who can apply?

Youngsters (18-30 years old) that…

  • … are interested in starting a journey to connect with nature and other people, discover more healthy lifestyle, and become an active citizen.
  • … are ready to participate fully in the project for its total duration.
  • … speak some basic English. (It will help you to follow the program. If needed you can be supported by another participant of your national team).
  • … are residing in Germany.
  • … We encourage the participation of participants with fewer opportunities. (Participants with fewer opportunities will be prioritised).
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Doube Mobility Youth Exchange

Madrid, Spain – 12.05-20.05.2024

Leipzig, Germany – 24.06-02.07.2024

Deadline for applying: 01.04.2024
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Partner Organizations

 Dreaming OPEnly e.V. (Germany)
Dreaming OPEnly e.V. (Germany)
Dreaming OPEnly e.V. is a youth-organization based in Leipzig, Germany, focused on offering developmental experiences based on non-formal learning approaches and mobility opportunities to young people in Germany and abroad. Our mission is to facilitate transformative change through non-formal education, critical thinking and artistic expression.
Madrid Outdoor Education (Spain)
Madrid Outdoor Education (Spain)
MOE is a non-profit association, born out of a passion for making accessible the learning that adventure and nature awaken in people. They believe in experiential education in nature as an educational philosophy, capable of promoting pedagogical innovation and eco-social transformation.
Be Visible Be You (Greece)
Be Visible Be You (Greece)
Be Visible Be You is a Greek Non-Profit Organisation aiming on breaking the stereotypes of our world via experiential education & exploring the unknown. Social Inclusion is the main goal of every action in the organisation. Accepting & hugging their own diversity so that they can hug others.
Associazione Kora (Italy)
Associazione Kora (Italy)
Associazione Kora was founded in August 2015 to promote social and cultural awareness for its members (mainly youth) through outdoor life, socialisation opportunities, nutrition and sustainability. Kora is situated in Passignano sul Trasimeno in the educational farm “La Buona Terra”.