The project in a few words

The Seeds of Change project was a 10-day youth exchange organized by Lunaria in Passignano sul Trasimeno (Italy) in May 2023, focused on the topic of food sustainability and responsible consumption.

The objective of the project was to open the discussion about the consequences, in terms of environmental impact, of our consumption patrons, in order to understand what considerations should we make when we choose what we buy.

Objectives of the project

During the training course, the project achieved the following goals:

        • Raised awareness about the topic of sustainability among young people,
        • Opened the discussion about responsible consumption,
        • Promoted exchange, understanding and intercultural learning through sustainable and environmentally friendly actions,
        • Raised youth awareness on food and waste production,
        • Empowered young people and encourage them to take an active role in society,
        • Developed cooperation and teamwork skills,
        • Promoted self-awareness and soft-skills learning.

Youth Exchange,

Italy, May 2023

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Hosting Organisation

Lunaria (Italy)
Lunaria (Italy)

Lunaria is an Italian non-profit, secular, independent and party-autonomous social promotion association founded in 1992. It promotes peace, social and economic justice, equality and guaranteed citizenship rights, democracy and participation from below, social inclusion and intercultural dialogue.

Lunaria practices and fosters processes of social change at local, national and international levels through advocacy, political and cultural animation, communication, non-formal education, training and research, through information and awareness-raising campaigns and through networking.