The project in a few words

“The Looking Glass” project was a youth exchange organized by Društvo Lojtra in Litija, Slovenia, that aimed to bring together young Europeans and collectively examine our relationship with the environment and nature and, through this, make art.

By taking inspiration, sounds, images and materials from the natural world around us, participants reflected on what it means to exploit and objectify our environment and also what it means to live in harmony with nature. The overall aim was to look at how we look at nature – to look at the looking glass – to explore that relationship and play with it through art. This was done in a natural setting in central Slovenia using a mixture of methods – through a combination of reflective processes and technical workshops which aimed to provide a programme for participants that enabled and empowered them to engage with the topic and to create works of art.

Objectives of the project

During the exchange, the participants achieved the following goals:

      • Learnt from each other about environmental problems and solutions in other countries,
      • Reflected on their own relationship with the environment on a personal level,
      • Gained a new perspective on their impact on environment,
      • Gained new skills in music and/or art production,
      • Produced works (and present them to peers and the public (this part will be encouraged but certainly not obligatory),
      • Produced work that thematically explores nature and our relationship with it,
      • Gained inspiration and confidence for producing and presenting future work.

Youth Exchange,

Slovenia, July 2022

Multimedia Gallery

Hosting Organisation

Društvo Lojtra (Slovenia)
Društvo Lojtra (Slovenia)

The Lojtra Association, founded in 2014, is a young and dedicated organization for young people. They divide their work into two pillars: #YouthWork and #SustainableDevelopment. These topics are at the heart of various activities carried out locally and internationally.  In the field of youth work, their main goal is to support and encourage young people to become active members of their own local communities, to identify and actively address their needs and interests, and to take full responsibility for their own actions. In the field of sustainable development, their main goal is to co-create a community that lives more in harmony with nature and is aware of its limitations. In addition, they want to expand the potential of the natural environment in supporting the learning processes of young and old.