The project in a few words

In November 2022 we were invited to and participated in the Statutory Meeting organized in Milan, Italy by Associazione Joint, as leading partner, together with other members of their partnerships network. This meeting was developed with the objective of bringing together different historical and new partners of Joint, in order to work in networking, discover new potential partners, and explore different partnership opportunities.

During the meeting the different partners worked in joint future projects, and they developed a position paper demanding better conditions for the inclusion of fewer opportunities participants.

Objectives of the project

During the meeting, the following goals were achieved:

        • Evaluation of the projects that the members of the network have developed until that point,
        • Setting the basis for the creation of an international network for the inclusion in Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps projects, within Joint’s Erasmus+ accreditation and ESC long term strategy,
        • Creating common standards for the involvement, preparation and follow up of participants with fewer opportunities,
        • Designing a system to guarantee a higher budget for sending organizations in activities involving young people with fewer opportunities, in projects led by Associazione Joint,
        • Making agreements about mutual cooperation in future projects in the field of inclusion;
        • Planning the activities for 2023.

Training Course,

Spain, October 2022


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Hosting Organisation

Associazione Joint (Italy)
Associazione Joint (Italy)

Joint Association is a Social Promotion Association based in Milan. The association operates in the non-profit sector from more than 12 years and offers to young people international mobility and learning opportunities in non-formal contexts.

Joint Association in specialized in projects related to the non-formal education and the intercultural learning. It addresses to young people between 18 and 30 years old and follows pedagogical paths for high schools students and for the most weak sectors of the society such as disadvantaged young people.