The project in a few words

“Ecomedia Utopia” is a youth exchange organized by Rakonto in Laroin, France, which will involve 30 young people from five different countries in a multicultural experience where they will learn about the topic of media and its environmental consequences at different levels.

Through non-formal education activities, participants will delve into the issue of media (and the technologies that surround them) and their environmental and social impact. At the same time, they will work on media literacy and the development of critical thinking skills.

Main Objectives

  • Develop critical thinking around the impact of the media on the environment and climate crisis,
  • Get to know more about our own devices and media practices,
  • Seek collective empowerment of young people to be their own agents of change,
  • Promote the power of media to positively communicate ecological solutions,
  • Promote mindfulness in our everyday media practices,
  • Create videos that reflect on the ecomedia theme,
  • Introduction to digital mindfulness and digital detox,
  • Promote intercultural learning, active citizenship, and social inclusion.

Who can apply?

Youngsters (18-31 years old) that…

  • … have a strong motivation to learn about media and its environmental consequences
  • … are fluent in English as a working language (being able to understand and communicate in English for the entire project)
  • … can commit to attending to the project for its full duration
  • … are proactive and willing to learn more about the topic
  • … are residing in Germany
  • … We encourage the participation of participants with fewer opportunities. (Participants with fewer opportunities will be prioritised.)

Youth Exchange

Laroin, France

14.02-23.02 2023

Deadline for applying: 10.01.2023
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Hosting Organisation


RAKONTO is an association created in 2021 in Pau (France) with the aim to promote the world’s cultural diversity, ecological transition, and social activism. We create media content such as photos, videos, and articles to raise awareness among youth on global and local environmental, social and cultural issues.

Our main goal is to tell the stories of those who are fighting for a better future in order to inspire and raise awareness.