The project in a few words

RAISE was a five-day training course organized by Euroactiva-T in Madrid, Spain. The project focused on providing tools to theatre artists, youth workers, and artists from a holistic point of view, which could help them to develop their daily work.

This training combined a wide range of methods coming from physical theatre, theatre training, interactivity, and cooperative performance. The course was based on experiential learning. The course was eminently practical but brief inputs set the framework in different moments across the learning process.

Objectives of the project

During the exchange, the project achieved the following goals:

        • Improved the quality of working in the field of youth and theatre,

        • Provided with tools for young theatre artists and young people that could be used in their daily work,
        • Promoted better learning of skills applicable at work through creative and artistic tools,
        • Reflected on the environment and climatic issues using theatre.

Training Course,

Spain, September 2022

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Hosting Organisation


Euroactiva-T is a non-governmental association that serves people over 16 years of age. The members of Euroactiva-T have extensive experience in the NGO sector, having implemented projects at local, national and international levels. The main objective of Euroactiva-T is the implementation of actions and projects focused on the promotion of equality, employment and entrepreneurship, social inclusion, interculturality, environmental awareness, inclusion through sports and the defence of human rights.