The project in a few words

The Lead up! project is a 8-day training course organized by Associazione Kora in Passignano sul Trasimeno (Italy) in October 2022, which aims to empower participants, increase their leadership, mentoring and facilitation skills,  and improve peer-to-peer learning in youth mobilities by enhancing the involvement of group leaders in the activities.

The main idea behind the project is to boost the leadership capacities of the participants, who will then step forward and take on the role of leaders representing the sending organisation in future exchanges organized by Kora.

Main Objectives

  • To improve youth workers’ sense of initiative
  • To support youth workers’ growth as facilitators of non-formal education activities
  • To provide youth workers with a better understanding of youth mobilities projects and non-
    formal education methods
  • To improve mentoring and coaching skills of youth workers
  • To reinforce the cooperation among partners with a view to future partnerships involving
  •  To discuss ways of involving youngsters with fewer opportunities (“how to reach them?”) and
    building local partnerships for the purpose
  • To raise awareness about youth mobilities for youngsters

Who can apply?

German residents (over 18 year-old) that…

  • … are active youth workers, or active youngsters
  • … are interested in youth work, non-formal education, facilitation, mentoring and leadership
  • … can commit to attending to the project for its full duration
  • … can commit to attending to future projects as leaders
  • … are fluent in English as a working language (being able to understand and communicate in English for the entire project)
  • … are proactive and willing to learn more about the topic
  • … are residing in Germany
  • … We encourage the participation of participants with fewer opportunities. (Participants with fewer opportunities will be prioritised.)

Training Course

Passignano sul Trasimeno, Italy

03.10-12.10 2022

Deadline for applying: 07.09.2022
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Hosting Organisation

Associazione Kora (Italy)
Associazione Kora (Italy)

Associazione Kora was founded in August 2015 to promote social and cultural awareness for its members (mainly youth) through outdoor life, socialisation opportunities, nutrition and sustainability. Kora is situated in Passignano sul Trasimeno in the educational farm “La Buona Terra”, where it collaborates with other entities who have their activities on the farm. Kora was founded to offer activities that neither the cooperative nor the agricultural company can carry out.