Theatre against racism and dehumanization

The main objective of Act4Change is to use theatre and various creative and non-formal methodologies to provide you with the tools to recognise and deconstruct the acts of dehumanisation that we witness, experience or produce in our lives.

We want to increase everyone’s consciousness on this crucial topic, which is fundamental, develop a sense of cooperation and understanding with others, and make us more aware of the importance of fighting against the current situation.

Act4Change will show you the importance of your behavior in your home country, and how everyday actions can contribute to this purpose. This project will also give you a better perspective of the various systems present in the geopolitical circumstances of our time which are contributing towards the proliferation of dehumanization, making you more aware of the global situation as a whole.

What does dehumanization mean?

Dreaming OPEnly strongly believes in a cohesive and united Europe where citizens can experience a feeling of inclusion and common identity.

However modern Europe is still facing severe forms of dehumanization and ethnic hatred within its borders. Attitudes and expressions of dehumanization, and the psychological frameworks related to them, are internalized by people mainly due to education, media and cultural and social pressure.

This leads to a situation where people become less sensitive to the consequences of their actions, arriving at the point of considering another human being as unworthy of the same rights and freedoms. This situation is causing suffering, fear and the stigmatisation of the many people affected by it, drastically reducing life quality and the hope for a brighter future.

Theatre as a tool for social change

 The topic of Dehumanization will be linked with theatre. Therefore you will get to know techniques like the “Social Theatre” and the “Theatre of the Oppressed”. We will teach theatre methodologies and activities that you can use to express yourself and apply to a variety of contexts and situations.

Theatre for social change activities are designed to create community and engage that community in dialogue. This methodology is designed for all citizens, not just actors. Theatre for social change and theatre of the oppressed can be used by anyone, at any level, wishing to dig deeper into the factors affecting the community. It is often used by activists. After an activity participants are asked to think critically about their experience and how it reflects larger structures in society.

One objective of the Exchange is that you create your own performances in small groups representing the topics of the Exchange. These will be performed at the Dissemination event in Dresden.

Who can apply?

Youngsters (18-30 years old) that…

  • … Are interested in theatre (Participants with experience in or interest in theatre will be prioritized)
  • … Have experienced Dehumanization or are interested in this concept (Participants with fewer opportunities will be prioritized)
  • … Speak some basic English (it will help you to follow the program. If needed you can be supported by another participant of your national team)
  • … are residing in one of the partner countries:

Youth Exchange

Tharandt, Germany

21.03. –

Deadline for applying: 20.02.2022
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Partner Organizations

Dreaming OPEnly is a group of young people active in Youth Work created in Leipzig, Germany in September 2020 by five youngsters from Italy, Germany, Spain and Latvia with the aim of developing Erasmus+ projects.
Association Puzzle OptimEast is an youth organization in Targu Neamt, a small town in the North – East of Romania. The association is organizing activities on the field of youth, tourism, culture and management.
United Societies of Balkans (USB) is a non profit, non governmental organisation based in Thessaloniki, Greece working in the fields of youth, human rights and intercultural dialogue.
Eko Centar Latinovac (ECL) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in Latinovac, Croatia, in 1995.
Vega Youth Center is a non-profit, non-governmental youth organization founded in December 2000 in Belgrade. Vega YC is dedicated in building a quality environment for the growth and development of children and youth.
Asociación Sociocultural BreGal is an association born in 2021 in Galicia, Spain. The main objective of the association is the promotion of volunteering experiences and non-formal education activities.