The project in a few words

Are you interested in organising events in your local community?
Do you want to learn more and gain new skills, while getting to know other experiences?
Community Jar is a project organised in Iz, Croatia, by the Estonian association VitaTiim which aims to empower young people and help them develop their skills in the field of event organization, in order to participate more actively at the local level. Participants will have the opportunity of taking part in workshops and different non-formal education activities that will be the basis for their learning process.
At the same time, the youngsters involved will share their experiences and discover more through their contact with the others, which is expected to serve as inspiration, and that can lead to the creation of a national and international network of young people interested in the organisation of events and activities.

Objectives of the project

During the exchange, we would like that the participants achieve the following goals:

  • get the skills and knowledge to encourage not active youth to participate in local community activities
  • raise empowerment in the society by experience exchange
  • development of skills needed to make good-quality events

Further goals:

  • Development of youth initiative
  • Development of connections among young people in their countries and on an international level
  • Development of marketing, knowledge about methods of community influence

Who can apply?

Youngsters (18-30 years old) that…

  • … interested in making music or art and eager to actively participate. (If you are already experienced, skilled musicians or artists, that’s great, but prior
    experience is not required.)
  • … Speak some basic English. (It will help you to follow the program. If needed you can be supported by another participant of your national team.)
  • … Are residing in Germany.
  • … We encourage the participation of participants with fewer opportunities. (Participants with fewer opportunities will be prioritized.)

Youth Exchange

Iz Island, Kroatia

02. – 10.06.2022

Deadline for applying: 15.05.2022
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Hosting Organisation

VitaTiim (Estonia)
VitaTiim (Estonia)

VitaTiim was founded in 2008 in Narva and has changed its concept several times. It has the aim to create a supportive and inspiring environment to empower young people to be the best versions of themselves, discover their role in the global world and become flexible in the time of constant changes.  One of its missions is to enrich the diversity of educational approaches by promoting the principles of non-formal education. Also, it involves more youth organisations, youth specialists and especially young people with fewer opportunities and special needs in youth work.